This is how my insides look

She is everything I ever wanted to be. I need that top

Kanlit Chakti(means ”Silver-blooded woman”. Kanlit Chakto means ”Silver-blooded man”.)
Kanlit Chakti is actually a name for a Queen of the Kulkania Empire (silver-blooded because in my story royal people have silver blood that makes them different ).
This is yet another character design for my book.There was a male person standing next to her, a King, but I didn’t like him so she is alone! ^^ Btw this drawing took me ages! Like few days! I changed her design 10 times!And yeah, Kukani people (they live in Kulkania but are called Kukani) are actually dark skinned and resemble Nubian people.Hope you like her! :)

Kalam Tribesmen, Madang Highlands, Papua New Guinea

Painting by Max Ginsburg. Used as cover illustration for  ”THE FRIENDS” by Rosa Guy.

Yasmeen Ghauri photographed by Patrick Demarchelier for US Vogue, May 1990.

Betty Adewole…. Document Journal Editorial

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Some people forget that love is tucking you in and kissing you "Good night" no matter how young or old you are
Nikki Giovanni, Love is


Now this is the type of cosplay that I’m about.



Today’s style inspiration: Louis Philippe de Gagoue.

Hailing from both Cameroon and Cote D’Ivoire, the self-described eclectic fashion stylist, blogger and personal shopper is currently based in Morocco after half a decade living in neighbouring Tunisia.

With a style all his own, there’s a sense of vintage cool, classic sartorialism and modern vibrancy in almost everything he wears. From Congolese sapeurs to traditional North African garments, there’s always a strong African influence in de Gagoue’s visual aesthetic.

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